Starting to run again. I am not fast, but I do enjoy it. I think just like being outside and getting fresh air. Running gives me a reason to do that.

I have started a 10K training program for a yet unidentified race in the fall. Target time is mid Oct, but it could slip to Nov if I don’t like what is available in Oct. Seems like quite a few regular races disappeared during the pandemic. Not many have come back.


I have been running off and on for almost 10 years now. Been a while since I have done a race though. By now, I know the drill and have a good routine to get me back in running whatever distance I need. Pretty simple process.

  1. Pick the distance you want to run
  2. Find a race at least 3 months away (maybe more) at that distance to run
  3. Draft a training schedule:
    • with run/walks at least 3x week;
    • increasing total weekly distance;
    • scheduled long and slow runs on the weekends.
    • shorter, faster runs during the week.
    • throw in some sprints or water work when you can on weekends. Nothing too intense.
    • 2-3 weeks before the race run a little more than the planned distance (here I will top out at 10 miles for a 6 mile race)


This last one is the hardest part … and the most important. Really and truly, anyone can run just about any distance at any age. It just requires commitment. My non-running friends don’t believe me, but it is true. I certainly do not have a runner’s body. I do run-walk-run . I would never be able to finish otherwise. And I am not fast at all. But I am committed. When I ran my first (and only) marathon 5 years ago, I was getting up and out the door at 2:30 am with a lamp on my head to run to beat the heat here in Florida. I would finish around 10 am - having run 27 miles 3 weeks before the race. It was 7 hours of running that I had been building up to slowly for months - 10 miles, then 12, 16, 22, 24 etc . . .My wife thought I was bat-shit crazy. Me too. But, damn it, I was going to finish that marathon (the Marine Corps Marathon in Washington DC) no mater what. We had a hotel, plane tickets, friends coming up to see us, my Mom came up from Virginia. There was no way I could back out or not finish. And finish I did.

Anyone can do it

Truly anyone can do it. Just commit.

Now I am off to walk. You have to walk before you run. Wont start running until the latter part of the month. My official 10K training program started Monday. This is Week One. It is the hardest time to commit when you are just starting. After a month or so, it gets easier . . . .until the end.

I will keep everyone updated. I know that no one cares, but updates will help me stay . . . you guessed it . . committed.