After a frenetic weekend of trying many options, it appears that I have settled on my RSS solution: InoReader. Actually found it based on a post here on @odd mentioned it in his subscription services post a few weeks (months) ago. That got me to try it out, and it’s the winner.

First, I tried out what appears to be the industry leader - Feedly. After a day or two, I didn’t really care for the UI. I also thought it was expensive (IMHO).

Next, I tried NetNewsWire, which is beautiful and works well, but doesn’t have some of the features I wanted - like making RSS feeds out of any regular updating website and storage. The free price is excellent though.

I next tried another FOSS solution, Fresh RSS. I set up a feed on a subdomain I own. Works well, but seems a little slow. And it still lacks a few of the features I want. I will keep both NetNewsWire and FreshRSS running though to keep control of my data and feeds. I have learned that most of the services you rely on go away eventually - seemingly in proportion to the degree you rely upon them. Control your own data.

Finally, I tried InoReader. It has the features I want, costs a little less than Feedly (still a pricey for a RSS reader), and has the UI I like. Still learning about it, but it’s a keeper. I signed up for a paid account today.

I have just felt overwhelmed by news and information lately and wanted to get some control back. RSS seems like the solution. I am turning all of my Apple News notifications off and will just manage my information flow with InoReader.