For over a decade I have really despised Facebook. Its hard to like a company that you can’t trust. And you most definitely can’t trust Facebook. They suck up every data point on your life to sell and exploit. They give you basically zero control and obfuscate the limited controls they give you.

They are just not nice people.

So why am I returning?

First, its limited. I do get some value out of the network and relationships Fakebook helps me maintain. that is a plus. A plus that may even outweigh the minuses.

Second, I am getting too old. I value my privacy legitimately, but I have been getting grumpy about it. I dont want to be grumpy - at least that is what my wife tells me. And she is a lot smarter than me.

So I will give Fakebook a second (or third) chance. Slowly at first, but maybe more. Maybe. And I promise to never forget what FB really is - a giant data collection machine that needs you users more than you need it. But for now, I will use it - on my terms.