Watched “The Dynasty” on Apple TV, which is about the New England Patriots 20 year run at the top of the NFL. I am a huge, lifelong Patriots fan going back to the days of Steve Grogan in the 1970s. The Belchick - Brady run from 2000-2020 was truly special - something that I don’t think we see in the NFL again during my lifetime.

I thought the show was ok. It covered some things wells, others not so much. Too much time (an entire episode) devoted to Aaron Hernandez when he was not a big part of “the dynasty” and was only there for a year or two. Belichick did not come of well, but maybe that is an accurate depiction. I don’t think so, but it is hard to say. Brady came off pretty well, I thought. Kraft was portrayed as a father like business guru who kept it all together. Not surprising.

Anyway, I am glad I watched it. But it was more sensationalized than I expected and not a true look at what made the dynasty so great: a once in a lifetime combination of excellent coaching and players. That will be New England’s true legacy. It was a pleasure to watch over these 20 years. Thank you Patriots.