Dune 2

    Saw Dune 2 with the Mrs. yesterday. Not bad. Better than Dune 1 from a few years ago.

    Likes: cast well for the most part (see dislikes). Followed the original story fairly closely, but not as much detail of course. The Bene Gesserit - what is not to like. Although I already knew the story from reading the book a few years ago, I thought it flowed better in Dune 2, than Dune 1. Wife - who didn’t know the story - agreed.

    Dislikes: I thought Christopher Waken was an odd choice as emperor. Not at all what I imagined he looked like from the book. And I don’t think cast well (although I generally love Walken - besides Deer Hunter, see him in At Close Range if you can.). Also, didn’t care that it didn’t end. I like movies that end, and although this was a good stopping point, I wanted it over.

    Overall, I recommend it. And see it in the theatre if you can. nothing like the big screen and surround sound to get you into the story.