New Podcast - Open Ears 🎙️

    Kind of fell into the Open Ears podcast last week. I was listening to Atlas Obsura - a FANTASTIC podcast BTW - when they put on an advertisement for Open Ears, which was comong back from a hiatus. The tagline was “stories about the music that shapes our lives” or something like that and i was intrigued. Then on came Tom Hiddleston… a. k.a Loki, to talk about a piece of music that changed his life. I was hooked. I love music and believe it has this power. So I subscribed and scheduled a listen for my next morning walk.

    The next morning as I headed out around the neighborhood, I was greeted by … classical music. So what I didn’t know was that the qualifier to the Open Ears tagline about music that changed our lives, was that it had to be a price of classical music. Important to know. My enthusiasm immediately waned. I don’t hate classical music, and there are some pieces I quite like, but it just want something that i sat around and listen too. Until now.

    I decided to give it a listen while walking anyway and was pleasantly surprised about how much I enjoyed it. NOt all of it, but a good chunk of the podcasts episodes I pulled up.

    So there you have it. Give it a listen. It might just change your life. Or at least change your perspective on what good music is and can be.