New Podcast - Open Ears 🎙️

    Kind of fell into the Open Ears podcast last week. I was listening to Atlas Obsura - a FANTASTIC podcast BTW - when they put on an advertisement for Open Ears, which was comong back from a hiatus. The tagline was “stories about the music that shapes our lives” or something like that and i was intrigued. Then on came Tom Hiddleston… a. k.a Loki, to talk about a piece of music that changed his life. I was hooked. I love music and believe it has this power. So I subscribed and scheduled a listen for my next morning walk.

    The next morning as I headed out around the neighborhood, I was greeted by … classical music. So what I didn’t know was that the qualifier to the Open Ears tagline about music that changed our lives, was that it had to be a price of classical music. Important to know. My enthusiasm immediately waned. I don’t hate classical music, and there are some pieces I quite like, but it just want something that i sat around and listen too. Until now.

    I decided to give it a listen while walking anyway and was pleasantly surprised about how much I enjoyed it. NOt all of it, but a good chunk of the podcasts episodes I pulled up.

    So there you have it. Give it a listen. It might just change your life. Or at least change your perspective on what good music is and can be.

    I love podcasts. Once you start listening, you can’t stop. But then the next problem hits: how to mange.

    Castro is supposed to make it easy. At least that is what I was told. I didn’t buy it though.

    To be honest, I didn’t get it. I’ve had Castro for about four months, but did not understand how it worked. So, for the new year, I vowed to figure it out.

    The key is watching the YouTube videos by the creators explaining how to automate the podcast flow.

    Brilliant !!!

    Castro has an innovative three step funnel to managing your podcasts.

    First, you search and subscribe to your podcast. Once done, all future episodes go to the inbox. From the inbox you can send them to your queue to be played next (too or bottom of queue) or put them back into the reference library.

    It all works quite well and seamlessly. Can all be done with one hand on your phone. This morning I processed the 2453 podcasts in my inbox and now I’m down to just a couple hundred in my queue.

    So I better get busy listening.