The Dynasty πŸ“Ί

    Watched “The Dynasty” on Apple TV, which is about the New England Patriots 20 year run at the top of the NFL. I am a huge, lifelong Patriots fan going back to the days of Steve Grogan in the 1970s. The Belchick - Brady run from 2000-2020 was truly special - something that I don’t think we see in the NFL again during my lifetime.

    I thought the show was ok. It covered some things wells, others not so much. Too much time (an entire episode) devoted to Aaron Hernandez when he was not a big part of “the dynasty” and was only there for a year or two. Belichick did not come of well, but maybe that is an accurate depiction. I don’t think so, but it is hard to say. Brady came off pretty well, I thought. Kraft was portrayed as a father like business guru who kept it all together. Not surprising.

    Anyway, I am glad I watched it. But it was more sensationalized than I expected and not a true look at what made the dynasty so great: a once in a lifetime combination of excellent coaching and players. That will be New England’s true legacy. It was a pleasure to watch over these 20 years. Thank you Patriots.


    Been watching Foundation on Apple TV Season 1. Pretty good. Started strong in my opinion, but getting hard to follow later in season 1. All the reviews say that season 2 is better. I am ust trying to get to season 2 with the wife. She is still holding on even though not sci-fi fan. I think I can get her there. It would be no fun watching season 2 on my own.

    I read the orginal Asmov trilogy many many years ago. Back in high school … when dinosaurs roamed the Earth. And, frankly, I dont remeber much about them - except that they were original, a solid and good story, and had lots and lots of math. I also think the original trilogy spanned many many years - 1000 or so if I recall. So I am wondering how many seasons this might be. My guess is that the number of seasons is directly related to the popularity of the show, not the length of the source material.

    The casting and acting so far have been good. Day and Hari and particularly well cast. Gaal too, but I am still on the fence with Salvor. Story is complex and I don’t remember so many religious themes and overtones in the original novels. But again, it was the Jurassic period, so memories fade.

    I am on episode 6 right now, just a few more to the end of season 1. I will most likely take a quick break after season 1 before I start season 2, especially since it is getting much better reviews. And I also see that season 3 is coming in 2025.

    There is ton of great TV out there now. Take advantage of this golden age. Who knows how long it will last.

    Started watching Bloodline today. It’s a few years old now - on Netflix - but not bad so far. Both my wife and I are on the fence a few episodes in - her more than me. We will see where it lands.

    Reacher on Amazon Prime is excellent. Havent finshed season one yet, but it keeps you guessing. Will write a full review after I finish the season. Season One is based on Lee Child’s first Reacher book ( i think there are 20 or so). I read it a long time ago, and I think they chnaged the story a litte. My memory fails me though. Getting old is no fun.