I guess I still don’t get it. I have been a paid subscriber for many years, and it just never seems to work for me. I am not sure why. I keep trying, but the interface seems …. hard. Whatever. I will keep trying, but not sure that it should be this hard.

I will gladly accept or be directed to any resources to help me. It is not for lack of trying

For over a decade I have really despised Facebook. Its hard to like a company that you can’t trust. And you most definitely can’t trust Facebook. They suck up every data point on your life to sell and exploit. They give you basically zero control and obfuscate the limited controls they give you.

They are just not nice people.

So why am I returning?

First, its limited. I do get some value out of the network and relationships Fakebook helps me maintain. that is a plus. A plus that may even outweigh the minuses.

Second, I am getting too old. I value my privacy legitimately, but I have been getting grumpy about it. I dont want to be grumpy - at least that is what my wife tells me. And she is a lot smarter than me.

So I will give Fakebook a second (or third) chance. Slowly at first, but maybe more. Maybe. And I promise to never forget what FB really is - a giant data collection machine that needs you users more than you need it. But for now, I will use it - on my terms.

Started watching Bloodline today. It’s a few years old now - on Netflix - but not bad so far. Both my wife and I are on the fence a few episodes in - her more than me. We will see where it lands.

Well… my Micro.blog annual subscription automatically renewed today. So i guess that means i will have to try it out and give it another go. I did sign up for Twitter Blue and have thus far been … unimpressed.

See if this is any better.

Day 17: Hold (courtesy of Master and Commander - what a fantasic movie)

Does anyone have any significant experience with Tiddlywiki?

I am considering giving it a serious trial run for personal knowledge management.

Spring Flowers . . .

My micro.blog has been screwed up for some time. Not sure what is going on, but I did change themes. I am prett sure that is it. Unisiatleed and reinstlled a new one. Hopefully it will fix.

Dogwood at the Front Gate

“The way to get your account unfrozen is to stop being part of the blockade and occupation,” she added.

  • Canadian Finance Minister Chrystia Freeland on Monday, Fenruary 21, 2022

Lesson: Stay away from banks in general and Canadian banks in particluar.

Very scary stuff.

Foxlore by Rebecca Green. She’s wearing a crown…like the queen she is.

Watching the Disney + Hamilton. What a great show! I forgot how good the music is.

An enjoyable way to spend an evening.

From the Harlem Renaissance. Amazing painting. Jumps out at you. And timely, both this month and at the time it was painted. Its a painting of an incredibly talented African American singer, depicted by an incredibly talented African American woman artist at the height of her creative power.

From Daily Art. I continue to love that app….

Reacher on Amazon Prime is excellent. Havent finshed season one yet, but it keeps you guessing. Will write a full review after I finish the season. Season One is based on Lee Child’s first Reacher book ( i think there are 20 or so). I read it a long time ago, and I think they chnaged the story a litte. My memory fails me though. Getting old is no fun.


I think I FINALLY found a solid, supported, cross-platform markdown editor:


It was surprising how long it too to find one. But looks like it was worth it. Handles my files fine, renders nicely. No complaints so far

Spent a wonderful day with my wife after speaking at a professional conference in a town about an hour from here. We got lunch at an Italian cafe, spent a few hours in a book store, and had milkshakes.

Not good for the diet, but an otherwise Perfect Day!

Sunrise over Destin Harbor . . .good morning!

Just got a Starlink yesterday. Have not taken it out if the box yet, but will do so this weekend.

Does anyone have any experience with Starlink?

I am somewhat skeptical. Not a huge Musk fan, but I need this for coverage ina rural area - only viable option.

Goodbye Twitter. Hello Micro.Blog


Got my first set of glasses today. Kind of wierd. Bifocals. A little hard o get used to. May have been better to get a single lens. So it goes

What’s best thought is that I can see again. Not that my vision was too bad. But it’s much better with glasses.