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    @hawaiiboy Definitely agree with that. I order the same tings at my favorite restaurants all the time. Why? Because I like them!

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    @amerpie Thanks. Early morning fog burning off on a flat calm bay. It was surreal.

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    @hawaiiboy that’s interesting. I would have thought it would be the opposite - at least it is in most businesses. You need something that distinguishes you from the pact or better execution. Preferably both.

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    @amerpie if there is a cat 4 or 5 coming your way or a chance that it will be one at landfall, leave. We didn’t (20 miles inland and high elevation (100 ‘) high for Florida)). Regret it.

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    @robertbreen thanks. Nothing more serene than a calm sea at sunset. And nothing more terrifying than angry sea in darkness.

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    @amerpie thanks. Have had some people try to buy this card before, but I can’t bring myself to sell it. Piece of American history.