Here we go again. Starting again with the blogging on

Good news: Its a restart and a new day.

Bad news: Its a restart of the same old day

Looking back at this blog (moved from @rcjackson) this “restart” is a recurring theme. I suspect I am not the only one with this problem. On again off again. I have been consistent in blogging, just not consistent on a platform. Well, I am feed up with just about everything big tech. Never trusted Facebook. And FB ruined what joy I got out of Instagram. Google is no better than Facebook. Had to call into a business Google Meet meeting today and couldn’t log in unless I used my Google account. Why? Twitter was my last refuge, but even that now sucks.

I just want to post and maybe learn a thing or two from others occasionally. Why is that so hard? It shouldn’t be. It didn’t used to be.

I suspect this is just a cry for the independent web - a nightingales song that will get me singing once again.

Well, let’s sing away!